Repairs and Remodeling

Putting your house in the right condition is crucial to selling it

One of the most common questions homeowners ask when they’re ready to sell their home is what, if anything, should I do to fix-up or remodel my place in order to get the best price? While the answer seems like one of common sense, you may be surprised to learn that there are many complicated factors to consider.

Some renovations, like updating a bathroom, not only make your house more attractive to potential buyers, but actually pay for themselves in the form of a higher asking price. Others, which seem like big hitters, such as beautiful, high-end landscaping, could end up causing you to lose money overall. Particularly in an arid climate such as San Diego, lush landscaping not only requires time to maintain, but the rising cost of water is a large downside to most buyers.

The key is to know what you can do that will increase both the marketability and the price of your home later without breaking the bank now. This is an area where Eric and Deva’s knowledge and experience in real estate marketing becomes a priceless asset to you. They know all the ins and outs of fixing up a home prior to selling it, and have a long list of trustworthy contractors who can perform the work.

They are even happy to oversee the work, which is particularly nice for those homeowners who do not live in the area. Eric and Deva will coordinate any necessary repairs and upgrades and get your home in perfect selling shape before they put it on the market.