House Appraisals

Providing an accurate appraisal of your home’s current value

Deciding whether it’s a good time to sell or not often depends heavily on what the current value of your home is. You want to be able to walk away with the maximum amount of equity in your pocket. So how do you go about ensuring this result?

When you meet with Eric and Deva, the first thing they’ll offer is a complimentary market analysis and home valuation. Many people mistakenly believe their home value depends solely on what similar “comps” are selling for in their area. The formula is actually far more involved than that.

The Edelmans will take into consideration the location and condition of your property, any upgrades you have made, how many homes like yours are either currently listed or have recently sold, the prices that these homes have fetched, and many more factors, all of which make the home valuation they provide as accurate as possible.

Finding local real estate agents who are knowledgeable and experienced is not difficult. Finding ones like Eric and Deva — who not only have those qualities, but love what they do and have a personal commitment to provide the best service to each and every client — is! Give them and call and get an idea of what your home is worth today.