About Us

About the team that will be working with you

Eric and Deva are a full-service Real Estate team who has helped people buy century-21-awardand sell homes all over San Diego County, with a long list of satisfied clients.

Eric and Deva have the experience so critical in navigating the real estate market

With an investment as important as your house, it’s vital that the team helping you with the transaction — either buying or selling — knows exactly what to watch for, and how to advise you.

It goes beyond giving you an accurate appraisal of your home’s current value (which is certainly important). There are a number of legal, emotional, and financial decisions for which a real estate veteran provides invaluable guidance.

They’re passionate about getting you the best results possible

The Edelmans pride themselves on providing excellent service for their clients before, during, and after the transaction. Their goal is to build 100% of their business from referrals, so Eric and Deva will work hard to earn your trust and repeat business.

They love what we do, and they love working together! When you work with the Edelmans to sell your home or find a home, it is like getting two Real Estate professionals for the price of one. Eric provides the face to face service, while Deva supports his activities by acting as Eric’s licensed assistant behind the scenes.